Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Move to Minnesota

In the state of 10,000 lakes and hundreds of options for entertainment, Minnesota is one of the best places to live where residents have access to both big cities vibes and a small town charm.

Here are six reasons why you should move to Minnesota

Living Expenses are Affordable

While the state of Minnesota is known for its beauty, it is affordable to live there. You can work all week and play all night. There are plenty of things to do and discover that range from art, activities and cultural experiences.

Residents are Awesome

Residents of Minnesota love their state, and once you visit, you will understand why. People of all ages are settling down from hipsters, young families to retirees, everyone enjoys the friendly family-oriented atmosphere that Minnesota offers.

Almost 12,000 Lakes to Explore

While the state is known as the “land of 10,000 lakes, there are 11,842 lakes with over 10 acres. You can stroll down the North Shore, which is one of the most scenic destinations in the country.

Plenty of Things to Do

Minnesota always has something to celebrate, which means there is always a festival to visit. From musical festivals to car shows and country fairs, you will never run out of things to do.

The cities are clean

When you visit cities like St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, and Rochester; you will notice how clean and organized the cities are. With the clean air, green spaces, and plenty of bike trails – this makes residents both happy and healthy.

The food and beer tastes amazing

Minnesota has grown to climb the ladder in taste. Here you can eat your heart out and experience all that the state has to offer. From the state-renowned burger at Matt’s Bar to the artisan ice cream in Milk jam Creamery, the culinary state provides some of the best eats in the country.

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