As Governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton has continued to serve the state since 2011 and has worked to provide the overall economy and well-being of the country. As a native of Minnesota, he is also the great-grandson of the founder of Dayton’s late Target Corporation.

After graduating from Yale University, he began his career in education and social work in New York City. Dayton has continued to support health-care coverage, equality, and benefits to same-sex marriages, and opposing the war in Iraq.

With this blog, Mark Dayton has made it his mission to provide helpful information about the beauty and excitement of Minnesota.

Here you will find personal stories of the people, current events, the latest hotspots and everything in between. This site is based on a collaborate effort of supporting the communities in Minnesota and building a strong economy for the local community.

Here you will discover the beauty of the hundreds of communities residing in Minnesota and what makes them what they are today. Our goal is to create a social platform where you can find and discuss the best places to see in Minnesota and what’s going on around the state.