4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Minnesota

Looking for reasons to visit the amazing state of Minnesota? Home to the cold and snowy winters, Minnesota is also known for their warm summers. While some may go for the weather conditions, the locals enjoy it.

Here are four reasons why you should visit Minnesota.

Work of Art

Referred to as the North State, Minnesota contains over 11,000 lakes and more to offer. As home to the best artists in all of the state, Minneapolis is filled with host galleries, performance pieces in the industrial and historic buildings. The Minneapolis Institute of Art is also a great place so spend your afternoon, for free as well!

Camp at their State Parks

Looking for the best camping trip location? Find it in Minnesota. The state has almost 70 state parks and 60 state forest campgrounds. It is the most famous camping state due to its boundary waters and wilderness area. You can find beaches, streams, lakes, and even glaciers. You will have the best chance to enjoy the rough boundary waters.

Shop until you can’t stop

Want to enjoy a day or shopping? Minnesota is home to the largest shopping mall in all of the United States – the Mall of America. Built at the former Metropolitan Stadium, MOA offers four levels of shops to choose from along with Minnesota –tourism stores where you can purchase your alpaca sweatshirt and great cheese. Children can also enjoy the largest indoor theme park.

Head to the Minnesota State Fair

Have you ever heard about the important state fairs held in Minnesota? The Minnesota State Fair lasts nearly twelve days with important exhibitions. You will get to meet local artists, booths, competitions, and their famous deep-fried foods to enjoy!

Minnesota has plenty to offer for residents and visitors alike. The weather is amazing all year world – even in the depth of winter.

Have you visited Minnesota before? Do you plan on making your trip? Comment below and share your opinions with us!